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Reusable FACE MASK with filter pocket

☑️NO fungus
☑️NO bacteria
☑️NO infections
☑️NO coronavirus

🌿ECO-Certificate linen🌿

We produce reusable mask with filter pocket. The mask provides a barrier to direct transmission of infectious particles from the mask wearer to other people. The mask also protects the wearer’s face from large splashes.

The mask is made from 100% organic linen fabric. The fabric is in three layers, there is a pocket for a replaceable filter. Three filters are attached to the mask (5х10 cm/2″x4″). You can use filters for masks, replacing the filter for the mask can be, for example, wet wipes from which the liquid evaporated, or even toilet paper. Masks are reusable and washable.

Masks are available in different colors and you can write any text on masks.

Mask size
– adults 11″x6,5″ (280 × 170 mm)
– children 9,5″x6″ (240 × 150 mm)

You can buy masks in the online store Linen.Pro

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Where to buy quality natural linen bedding in Limassol Cyprus

Store Linen.Pro specializes in the production of stylish linen bedding and clothes design quality for your home. Linen bedding for any size bed.

Sleep on linen underwear prevents some diseases, since flax has rare bacteriological properties – neither fungus, nor bacteria coexist on it. This completely clean eco-friendly fabric is considered a natural antiseptic.

In addition, linen has a texture that helps prevent various skin diseases, has a massage effect that enhances blood circulation, stimulates the body and reduces fatigue.

Being a natural material, linen fabric perfectly “breathes”, i.e. passes air, steam. Linen provides optimal skin ventilation helps us regulate heat – when it comes into contact with skin, it warms in winter removes heat in the summer, lowering body temperature.

The antifungal properties of flax gets your whole body while sleeping on bedlinen from linen.

Organic linen pajamas are very comfortable, light and stylish. They will be your favorite home outfit.

You can see collection of Linen.Pro on the website

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You can place an order:
– on the website
– by phone 96706321 (Viber)
– by e-mail

♦ large selection of colors
♦ we can do any size
♦ organic
♦ hypoallergenic
♦ eco-friendly
♦ certified
♦ softened and preshrunk

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About the advantage of flax

Flax is a natural, environmentally friendly fiber with amazing properties, for which it is often called “textile gold”
Flax is always associated with cleanliness, coolness and home comfort, besides, linen fabrics are very practical and beautiful, which makes them ideal for everyday use. Flax has many valuable qualities:

  • Flax well absorbs moisture. At the same time wet flax becomes more durable. Due to this property of flax, the linen from it does not stick to the body in hot weather and provides natural ventilation, allowing the skin to breathe.
  • Flax creates coolness in hot weather. Linen has high insulating properties, the difference in temperature between the body and linen fabric is 3-4 degrees.
  • Flax will not allow to freeze in the cold season. At low temperatures, moisture evaporating from the surface of the body absorbed by clothes thereby enhancing the cooling of the body. With linen fabrics this does not happen, as flax is hydroscopic and is able to create natural insulation. In this case, the body not only does not freeze, but also breathing.
  • Flax has an antiseptic effect, good for the skin. Today, the value of flax for health has been proven by numerous medical studies. People, who regularly wear linen clothes, not subject to skin diseases and allergies.
  • Linen fabric is not subject to attacks of pathogenic microbes and fungi. Flax contains natural phenol compounds, which, unlike artificial, dangerous only for bacteria. Thanks to this flax property, bedding from it is recommended to use those who has skin problems.
  • Linen fabrics do not hold static electricity, reduce the likelihood of the formation of spark static charges, so using linen bedclothes is very nice.

    Linen fabric is resistant to dirt, easy to wash and does not lose appeal after repeated washes. For the interior we offer linen linens, curtains, tablecloths, napkins. Our linen products will bring comfort and peace to your home.

    The advantage and comfort of this unique material we can talk for a very long time but better just try and stay forever true to this environmentally friendly and useful material!

    Online store Linen.Pro

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Linen curtains

Attractive linen curtains combine the positive characteristics as refinement and practicality. They look good in any interior decoration and create a special atmosphere.

Giving preference to linen curtains, you will feel a lot of advantages from such curtains, namely:

  • Linen is a hypoallergenic material.
  • This is a very durable material. Curtains made of this fabric serve a long time.
  • Even light flax can be called non-marking matter. The dirt slides off the linen sheets. Moreover, it is very easy to wash; washing is possible even in a washing machine using ordinary powder.
  • Linen curtains can be used in the design of any room and almost any style.
  • Linen drapes very easily, while it keeps its shape well. This opens up a lot of opportunities to create different curtains.
  • Linen curtains do not electrify.
  • Matter has thermostatic properties, giving coolness to the summer and perfectly protecting from drafts in the winter.
  • The material itself disinfects and disinfects the air in the room.


Online store Prolinen offers you a selection of different colors.

Most people opt for light linen curtains. They help give the room a feeling of airiness, space, ease. White, gray, light beige curtains are modern classics. They fit absolutely to any room including for the design of the kitchen.

Sometimes you can find a combination of two colors, eg, if you want to combine curtains with wenge or walnut colored furniture.

There are no strict rules which colors to use – similar or contrasting, however, one thing remains the same: shades should be muted, restrained, as natural as possible. The combinations of white and olive or khaki look beautiful and relevant, white and muted blue, pink and beige.


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Black linen bedding

Black bedding in the modern world took the position of sexual bedding, capable of exciting, to increase attraction carrying some mystery and passion. One of the most stylish options for black bedding – black linen bedding.

In the bedroom you can achieve an elegant look in the urban style, if you use black bedding in it. It creates a very special mood in the room. From such bed linen comes a kind of finesse.

When is black applied?

This is usually done in order to highlight some details or style in general. There are actually more black things in our homes, than we think.

Today, even such pieces of furniture like chairs and sofas purchased by homeowners in black. But, unfortunately
not all stores can find bedding with such a touch. Therefore, such rare and exquisite colors for bedding you will find in the online store Prolinen.

Especially beautiful is the combination of black with other colors.

Black has a unique property – he soothes his eyes. Is this not necessary for each of us after a busy day of work, when there is a desire to quickly relax and sleep?

Linen is an expensive luxury fabric. About the owner of linen bedding can be said how about a wealthy person
loving to appreciate beautiful things. And about the owner of black linen bedding can I still say and how about a passionate person loving the spotlight possessing a strong character. So often, black linen bedding are chosen by men.

Such bedding is an elegant expensive gift for men.