The advantages of linen towels in your kitchen:

– Wear resistance and durability – these qualities are the most indicative for flax.

– Hygroscopicity – linen towels absorb moisture well, really wiping the product. At the same time, such a kitchen towel will not leave fiber fabrics on the surface of the wiped product, even when it comes to glassware.

– Ease of care – linen towels are peculiar in their care, but unpretentious in general.

– Antiseptic – linen towels have antibacterial effect, which is very important for the kitchen space. When you wipe the dishes with a linen towel, you kill excess bacteria from the surface of the dishes.

– Such towels – a real find for those, who have small children in the house.

– Massage effect – no matter how surprising this may sound, but linen towels have a beneficial effect on your hands. Flax gently massages the palms, improving blood circulation.

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